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Make sure your PC is safe from Mal-Ware, Spy Ware, and Cookies.  Make sure your pc is clean and safe for use Contact US today and we can remote access your PC and clean it up the same day... 

If you are feeling like you are beihind in this new technical era and need help trying to figure out how to find things, work common programs and also set up your pc to work for you...  then look no further we are here for you!

Tired of being tied down behind a desk and having to use a LAN cord?  We can set-up wireless network quickly so you can be any where in your home or office and surf the net without being on a leash! 

Let our Gorilla Marketing team bring business to your website and business.  Track your hits, visits from the internet to your business.  Affordable monthly rates for every business. 

Protect your files, pictures, data and much more.  No matter where you are you can backup and recovered saved data.  Don't wait to backup your data when you notice the problem because it can be too late!  No matter if you are on vacation or just away from your office... all your assets will be safe from intrusions.

What ever the problem is we have the solution...  From speed issues to virus and cookies detection we have you covered and secured!

Online College Students


We are based in the USA so, we speak english.  You won't have to press 1 for english ever!  No hold times... If we are busy leave a voicemail and we will return your call within 24 Hours or less.  We are diverse and a christian based company that brings honesty, integrity to every aspect our our business to your online experience to your doorsteps at home or office.



If you have tons of paperwork laying around make sure to back them up just in case there is a fire, theft or other natural disaster.  Call and ask us about what is best for you or your company needs for online backup and storage. 

Are you looking for a way to monitor your business, or home security online and remotely?  We have you covered!  We have the DVR systems with Cameras equipped with nightvison capabilities and motion detection.  

Affilates and Business Partners

PC and Server Monitoring with Vipre Anti-malware

◦Any malfunction on your system is emailed to us and a tech will contact you ASAP to resolve the problem before a disaster occurs. Vipre is pushed into your server and PCs, protecting your systems from most infections.


•Hardware repair and purchasing

◦The PC from the big-name store is not necessarily the right PC for your business, nor will it last through the kind of usage necessary for a business environment. The correct equipment will often cost the same or less.


•Software research and recommendations

◦Certain types of companies need specialized software to run their business. Our team continuously researches the old, the new and the open source. Ask us, we’ll tell you what we’ve found.

◦Many free or low-cost services exist that work just as well (sometimes better) than the services you’ve been paying for.


•Servers and Networks


◦Chances are you have been paying too much for your servers, or buying equipment with more capacity or less speed than you need. We custom-build your servers to be fast, secure and exactly what your company needs now and years into the future.

◦Networks work perfectly if they’re set up perfectly. If your network is slow, inefficient or crashing, call us. We’ll bring your systems up fast and put the right tools in place to keep them up and running fast.



◦We solve what others can’t. Contact us about that problem that just can’t be solved or that keeps reoccurring.


•Need more?

◦Ask us. We do everything related to your infrastructure. If it’s not within our realm, we will refer partners who we know personally and who we are proud to recommend.