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DATA Back Up is something you can't opperate without.  No one knows when a blackout may occur or a virus attack, but knowing you have everything backed up makes those times less stressful.  

No matter if you are a large business or a small hometown business data needs to be backed up routinely.  Don't wait till something bad happens before deciding to do something because it will cost more in the long run if not taking care of it prior to a nightmare.   

Utilize a Small Business Server to store much needed programs and files that need to be accessable and shared throughout the network.  You can use Carbonite, cloud, Drop Box and many other features to backup and share your data with staff and clients. 

Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words and in many cases can't be replaced.  Let us show you ways to scan old pictures into your home PC and save them on a CD, DVD, or online places such as Face Book.  Have a peace of mind knowing your legacy will continue on for many generations by saving those important photos, and documents now.  

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Keep your PC safe with an APC backup unit.  Remember to charge battery to 100% and unplug AC unit when it's fully charged.  If using AC cord 90% of the time remove Battery after it is at 100% so you can save battery life. 

Make sure to use a laptop fan often to keep it from overheating the CPU or causing skin irritations or burns caused by the heat from CPU unit.